Everything makes a difference

ho0“Let everything you do be done as if it makes a difference. It does.” William James

We will never truly know how much impact our thoughts and actions have on ourselves and others. Even the most subtle interactions with others leave an imprint on ourselves and them. A slight smile may release stress and worry in another. An unconscious scowl, one which results from our own inner struggles, can create insecurity and resentment in another. Picking up a piece of trash as we walk down the street, might make us feel better, and may inspire others watching us without our knowing. The extra clothes we donate to charity may give others warmth in the winter and the charity provide resources then for countless others. Where we work, how we spend our money, where we shop, and how we treat our family friends and neighbors, all have ripple effects beyond our awareness.

The thoughts and attitudes that we bring to mind again and again become more deeply rooted in our minds. Unfortunately, much of them are not even conscious and reinforce habits and tendencies that we would rather not have. The more conscious awareness we can bring into our attitudes, thoughts, actions, and interactions with others, the more opportunity we have to influence their impact on ourselves and others. Instead of allowing our mind to be dominated by insecurity, fears, anger, or resentments, we can consciously bring to mind healthier attitudes that support resiliency, wisdom, and inspiration. The activities we engage in consciously can allow us to support our local communities and the world at large. If we can bring consciousness into our interactions with others, we can bring caring concern into them, allowing others to feel valuable and improve our relationships with those we encounter. Everything we do leaves an imprint on ourselves and others, whether we are conscious of it or not. Living mindfully, we can develop the skills to bring attention and intention into all that we think, say and do. Living mindfully, our thoughts and actions support the kind of people we want to be, as well as the lives we feel are truly meaningful.

invite you to bring as much attention and intention into your thoughts, actions and interactions. We encourage you to set a timer for every hour as a reminder to check in and recommit to bringing a healthy and supportive attitude into your activities, both for yourself and others. John Bruna, May 11, 2015

The above is a an excerpt from one the daily emails sent to the members of the Mindful Life Community. I invite you to explore our community and consider joining.

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