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Online Mindfulness Course with John Bruna

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Four Keys of Living Mindfully online course – While meditation is one key to a mindful life, there are other “keys” that improve the quality of one’s life, relationships, sense of clarity and meaning. In this course, you’ll identify the four keys of mindfulness. You’ll learn how to develop the skills to integrate these four keys in your daily life and gain insight into how these mindfulness practices can offer you a greater sense of well-being, resiliency, and a deeper sense of meaning for your life. Learn more.

Online 28-Day Meditation Training

Learn to meditate: Take an online meditation course and receive 28 days of progressive daily meditation sessions with John. Even though they know the benefits of meditating, most people struggle with establishing and maintaining a consistent meditation practice. John has designed a practical and accessible meditation course which can help anyone, regardless of whether they are a beginner or experienced, establish a consistent meditation practice that is beneficial to their life. This course is offered on a donation basis. Anyone can join at any time and pay whatever they choose to.  Learn more. 

Mindful Life Community

Join the Mindful Life Community and receive daily support, lessons, and guided meditations to help you engage in your life with more attention and intention.  Membership comes with many benefits including daily mindfulness support, teachings, live member events, and online member resources. Through the weekly themes of attention, values, wisdom, action, compassion and more, we combine the practice of meditation and the practical application of mindfulness in daily life. Imagine cultivating wellness, inner peace, and resiliency in a supportive community with tools and resources that allow you to develop genuine happiness. Learn more.

Mindfulness in Recovery®Community

For those of you in recovery, you can join the Mindfulness in Recovery Community and receive daily support, lessons and guided meditations focused on recovery. Creating the Mindfulness in Recovery Community has been a passion and vision of John for many years. Drawing upon his more than 3 decades in recovery, experience as a substance abuse counselor, educator, Buddhist monastic, and mindfulness teacher, we have integrated his wisdom along with the tools and resources of our mindfulness community to support people in recovery. Our community is open to anyone with a sincere desire for recovery, whether or not they are a member of a 12-step program. Learn more.