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John Bruna is the co-founder of the Mindful Life Program™ and of Mindfulness in Recovery®, as well as a Senior Fellow at Aspire Recovery for Women. John has been in continuous recovery since 1984, had successful careers in addiction treatment and as an educator prior to spending over six years as an ordained Buddhist monastic.

Drawing from his extensive training and personal experiences over three decades, John has become a leading voice in the field of mindfulness and addiction treatment, authoring The Wisdom of a Meaningful Life: The Essence of Mindfulness and The Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery, as well as presenting at TEDx and conferences throughout the country. John is known for his insight, warmth, humor, and ability to make teachings practical and accessible.

TEDx Talk – Free Will is a Skill

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Mindfulness in Recovery® is here!

The Mindfulness in Recovery® Program, Institute, and Community has been a vision John’s for many years and has now come to fruition.  Drawing upon his 34 years in recovery, experience as a substance abuse counselor, educator, Buddhist monastic, and mindfulness teacher, and a talented team of clinicians, MIR is now a treatment modality that has been successfully integrated into residential and outpatient treatment programs. It is the first fully integrated mindfulness program designed specifically for recovery and supports all pathways of recovery.

The Mindfulness in Recovery® Institute trains clincians, therapists, and addiction treatment professionals – Learn more. 

The Mindfulness in Recovery® Community is an inclusive recovery support program, open to anyone with a sincere desire for recovery.  The MIR Community provides daily mindfulness activities and support to enhance our members’ current 12-step program and to provide mindfulness tools and resources for those not in 12-step programs. Learn More

“The doors that open and close in our lives are not nearly as important as the person we are when we open them.”

John Bruna
TEDx Talk at CSULB, April 9, 2017