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Welcome and thank you for visiting our my site. It is my hope that you will find tools, resources, and inspiration that are practical, beneficial, and help you improve the quality of your life.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to transform my life from one of homelessness, shame, and despair, to one of purpose, meaning, and joy.  In 1984 I began my journey of recovery, a journey that allowed an insecure, troubled young man to find his own worthiness and value, living a meaningful life. Today, I am fortunate to be able to spend much of my life helping others do the same.

TEDx Talk – Free Will is a Skill

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Mindfulness in Recovery® is here!

The Mindfulness in Recovery® Community and workbook has been a vision John’s for many years and it is now coming to fruition.  Drawing upon his 34 years in recovery, experience as a substance abuse counselor, educator, Buddhist monastic, and mindfulness teacher, we have integrated the tools and resources of mindfulness with specific meditations and resources for people in recovery.

The Mindfulness in Recovery® is an inclusive recovery support program, open to anyone with a sincere desire for recovery.  The MIR Community provides daily mindfulness activities and support to enhance our members’ current 12-step program and to provide mindfulness tools and resources for those not in 12-step programs. Learn More

“The doors that open and close in our lives are not nearly as important as the person we are when we open them.”

John Bruna
TEDx Talk at CSULB, April 9, 2017