8-Week MIR Course with John


I am grateful and excited to be able to offer this course. It is the culmination of my 36 years in recovery and the wisdom of all of my teachers. The course will begin on March 7th.

About Mindfulness in Recovery® 

There is a big difference between doing mindfulness practice and living mindfully with skills to flourish in your recovery. MIR is the first fully integrated mindfulness program specifically designed for addiction treatment and recovery.

If you are new to recovery, have decades of recovery, or are somewhere in between, and whether you belong to a 12-step program or another pathway of recovery, MIR is here to support you. It provides the resources, guidance, and a community to help you flourish in your recovery.

MIR is designed to help you develop specific skills of living mindfully to become more resilient, have a greater sense of well-being, fully engage in life in ways that support your deepest values, and live a life that you find truly meaningful. MIR principles and practices can be integrated seamlessly with your current recovery program, it is not designed to replace it. It provides you with the skills to use your tools of recovery more effectively.

All too often, even with the best mindfulness practices and recovery tools are not integrated into an ongoing lifestyle and only used when one is struggling. MIR focuses on developing mindfulness skills that can be incorporated into daily life that practical, universal, and based on the recovery lifestyle. In this way, you develop a way of living mindfully, with skills that support your recovery, based on your personal values and belief system.

Everyone can benefit from practicing mindfulness, regardless of cultural, economic, religious, or spiritual background. Drawing from decades of training, personal practice, education, and application in daily life, John will be able to provide you with skills that are practical, accessible, and universal.

To learn more, visit MIR Course.

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