"Love never hurts - attachment does." - Venerable Robina Courtin

"Love never hurts - attachment does." Venerable Robina Courtin Love often gets confused with attachment. However, love is something we have to give, whether to others, our community, or ourselves. The giving of love, and love itself, while…

Speaking to be Heard

In this short video clip from a recent Dharma teaching, John Bruna shares that arguing is not nearly as helpful and learning to speak in a way we can be heard. For more resources with John, subscribe to this blog and to John’s YouTube…

How Can I Be Different?

Today's Mindful Moment. Instead of asking how can things be different, what if we asked how can I be different?  


I wanted to take a moment to share about the need and the healing power of acceptance as we face COVID-19 together.

A True Measure of Success

A short reflection on how we measure success inspired by a quote from Booker T. Washington.