11th Step Online Retreat with John Bruna

Sunday, August 16th - 12:00 pm to 3:30 pm Mountain Time, 2 - 5:30 pm Eastern Time Join us for this online special event benefiting the new Way of Compassion Foundation Recovery Services Program. John Bruna is offering this retreat, focusing…

Compassion Film Festival - Aug 7-9

I am excited to announce that we now have to opportunity to offer the annual Compassion Film Festival® online. Now you can engage with these poignant and meaningful films from wherever you are in the world. As an added benefit, since…

Meditation Workshop with John Bruna

Sunday, July 12th - 1 pm to 4 pm Mountain Time Join us for this online special event with John Bruna. John will teach the fundamentals of three types of meditation as well as best practices to establish a meditation practice. During these…

Virtual 11th Step Retreat - June 4-7

I am honored to be able to co-facilitate another 11th Step retreat with my dear friend, Peter Kuhn. Our retreat will begin on Thursday evening, June 4th, and we will maintain the same schedule we have when we are at Mercy. The retreat will…

How Can I Be Different?

Today's Mindful Moment. Instead of asking how can things be different, what if we asked how can I be different?  

The Advice We Give in Challenging Times

Today, after reading a post on Facebook, I was inspired to share some thoughts and personal experience regarding the advice we give and receive in challenging times.

The Power of WE

Today I was inspired to share about the power of we - how recognizing our connection to others allows us to reduce our own mental and emotional suffering.

What I Am Living For

  I was moved to share some of the wisdom from the Mindful Life Program™ inspired by a quote from Thomas Merton.


Today, I would like to offer some insights I have had on the wide range of feelings we get to, or don't get to, experience.

Attending To Your Life In Challenging Times

What we attend to becomes our reality. We can choose what we attend to with more perspective can transform our experiences.