Upcoming Retreats, Courses, and Special Events with John Bruna

August Special Events

August 8th, 2021: Half-Day Retreat, Extracting the Essence of this Life. In-person and online. Click here for details.

August 11, 2021: Mindfulness in Recovery® Online Course. Wednesday at 12 pm Mountain Time. Learn more.

August 13-15, 2021: Compassion Film Festival. Our annual event is back on, both in-person and online! Visit www.CompassionFest.world.

August 17, 2021: Mindfulness in Recovery® Online Course. Tuesdays at 6 pm Mountain Time. Learn more.

In-Person Retreats

August 8th, 2021: Half-Day Retreat, Extracting the Essence of this Life. In-person and online. Click here for details.

September 3-6, 2021: Annual 11th Step Retreat with Peter Kuhn at the Mercy Retreat Center in Auburn, CA. Our retreat is open to all, whether you are in recovery or simply want to enhance the use of prayer and meditation to improve the quality of your life. We often have friends, partners, and family members join us. Registration is open – Learn more.

October 14-17, 2021: Four Immeasurables Retreat at Waunita Hot Springs Ranch in Gunnison, CO. The Four Immeasurables are practices that open the heart, allowing us to deepen our relationship with ourselves and others. The cultivation of equanimity, loving-kindness, compassion, and empathetic joy helps us to cultivate stability, resiliency, inner peace, and well-being. This provides the foundation for healing, healthier relationships, and living a meaningful and fulfilling life in alignment with one’s own personal spiritual beliefs and values. Registration is open – Learn more.

Online Programs with John
Start anytime, Self-Paced, Unlimited Access

*For Buddhist teachings with John, visit the Way of Compassion Dharma Center. 

Four Keys of Living Mindfully online course – While meditation is one key to a mindful life, there are other “keys” that improve the quality of one’s life, relationships, sense of clarity, and meaning. In this course, you’ll identify the four keys of mindfulness. You’ll learn how to develop the skills to integrate these four keys in your daily life and gain insight into how these mindfulness practices can offer you a greater sense of well-being, resiliency, and a deeper sense of meaning for your life.

This course is widely accessible. Whether you’ve been practicing mindfulness for a long time, or just starting out, this course will offer you specific tools and relevant teachings. No prior study of mindfulness or experience in meditation is required for this course. If you have been practicing mindfulness and meditation already, this course will deepen and enhance your practice. Learn more. 

28-Day Meditation Training: Many of us either struggle with maintaining a meditation practice or don’t even know where to begin to start one.  Meditation does not need to be a mystery or an arduous task to endure. Meditation can be quite simple and even enjoyable. The key is to know what you are doing, why you are doing it, and not try to push too much. This 28-day meditation course is designed for everyone, whether they are a complete beginner or an experienced meditator trying to be more consistent, establish and sustain a meditation practice that works for them.

This course is offered on a donation basis. Anyone can participate, wherever they are, and offer whatever they can. Learn more.

Online Mindfulness in Recovery® courses. If you are new to recovery, have decades of recovery, or are somewhere in between, if you are a family member or friend affected by addiction, and whether you belong to a 12-step program or another pathway of recovery, MIR is here to support you. It provides the resources, guidance, and a community to help you flourish in your recovery.

MIR is designed to help you develop specific skills of living mindfully to become more resilient, have a greater sense of well-being, fully engage in life in ways that support your deepest values, and live a life that you find truly meaningful. Everyone can benefit from practicing mindfulness, regardless of cultural, economic, religious, or spiritual background. Learn more.

The Healing Wisdom of the 12 Steps is an in-depth exploration of the 12 Steps from a non-secular, universal perspective. The 12 Steps has helped millions of people all over the world engage in a way of living that provides freedom from their sufferings and rediscover their worthiness and value. They have helped people overcome addictions, co-dependency, trauma, and a multitude of other afflictions. In this online course, John provides access to these transformative steps by integrating them with the latest scientific research, contemporary language, and a variety of spiritual and philosophical perspectives. Learn more

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