Retreat at Waunita Hot Springs Ranch

The Four Immeasurables: Open Hearted Practices for Healing and Fully Engaging in Life

October 14-17, 2021

I am grateful and excited to be able to return to Waunita Hot Springs Ranch and offer a retreat focusing on the Four Immeasurables. We have been hosting retreats at Waunita since 2012 and has always been a special place for us. We have found it to be a very conducive environment to deepen our practice with wisdom, compassion, and nature.

The emphasis of this retreat is to provide an opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding and practice of the Four Immeasurables. The Four Immeasurables are practices that open the heart, allowing us to deepen our relationship with ourselves and others. The cultivation of equanimity, loving-kindness, compassion, and empathetic joy helps us to cultivate stability, resiliency, inner peace, and well-being. This provides the foundation for healing, healthier relationships, and living a meaningful and fulfilling life in alignment with one’s own personal spiritual beliefs and values.

To learn more about the retreat and to register visit – Four Immeasurables Retreat.

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  1. I would like to know if this is completely scheduled. The registration link is not working.
    I look forward to the retreat and meeting my mindful friends in person.

    In gratitude,

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