We are also the environment


“The environment is not limited to the trees, plants, water, sun, etc. We are also the environment. How we treat each other is the environment. Let us all do our part to make it, and each other, flourish.” John Bruna

We often focus on our external environment, noting whether it looks beautiful or not so beautiful, whether it’s healthy and sustainable or in need of some attention and support. We may see a beautiful sunset, enjoy a cascading brook, or note the harmful effects of drought and other external environmental problems that directly impact our lives and the lives of others. We may put a great deal of energy in helping to create a sustainable outer environment. We may put a great deal of energy into surrounding ourselves with beautiful outer environments. In both cases, we put time and energy into improving the external environments of our lives to make them more conducive and sustainable for ourselves and others.

As important as the outer environments of our lives are, it is even more important to cultivate a healthy, nourishing and sustainable inner environment for ourselves. Of course, part of that includes a outer environment conducive for our well-being. However, regardless of our outer circumstances, if we do not tend to mental and emotional health, we cannot develop our inner peace, resiliency and sustainability. This is not only essential for us, as today’s quote reminds us, our inner health, attitudes, and actions have a direct impact on the outer environment we all share.

We all know what it feels like when there is some tension in the room. No words are necessary. It is palpable and we feel it. Likewise, we can feel the love and acceptance others extend to us. The attitudes we cultivate are reflected in our demeanor, our actions, our choices, and cannot help but impact the world we live in. When we treat others with loving-kindness, it has a palpable impact. It sets the tone and is an example for others. When others feel loved, valuable, and worthy, they are more able to treat others with love and worthiness. When we expand our care and concern from our immediate needs and extend them to our greater community, we nourish our community. As those in our community experience our care and concern, they are impacted. If they experience our intolerance and lack of concern, they are also impacted. In this way, how we treat each other and the attitudes we hold towards others creates the environments we live. If we would like to live in a healthy, loving, compassionate, beautiful and sustainable world, it is important to nourish the love and kindness within us so that we can share it with others.

I invite you to be aware of how your attitudes impact both your inner and outer environments. How do attitudes of love and kindness affect them? How do resentment or intolerance affect? Do your best to nourish both your inner and outer environments with loving-kindness. – John Bruna, June 8, 2016

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  1. Our polluted outer environment is a result of a polluted inner environment. Until we mitigate our destructive inner environment, our outer environment will continue to degrade. Thank you, John, for providing tools to clean up our inner environment. Namasté

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