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“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today’s quote reminds us of something we may be aware of, that we actually become the person we choose to be. Of course this does not mean that we become a movie star, famous singer or a renowned author because we choose to be. While we could choose to cultivate those paths in our lives, they require, in addition to our personal efforts and talent, the convergence of many outside circumstances to come together that are out of our control. Regardless of our abilities and the energy we put into achieving something, ultimately the outcomes are beyond our control. What is within our control is the type of person we are and qualities be bring to into our activities and interactions. When we take a little time to reflect on outcomes versus our motivations and efforts, we will find why we did something is always more significant than how it turns out. All of the current research on happiness supports this universal truth that we all learned in our childhood. It’s not whether you win or lose that is truly important, it is how you played the game that matters most.

The key to becoming the person we choose to be is learn that we have a choice. In order to have a choice we have to be present to make it! So much of our lives are on autopilot and we spend much of our time going from one activity to the next without taking time reflect upon why we are doing them and whether or not they support the values we find important important in our lives. In order to become the people we want, first we need to think about what we want to be. What are the qualities we find admirable that we would like to develop within ourselves? What are the values that support the type of person we want to be? If we don’t have a destination, how can we ever arrive there? If we take a little time each morning to call to mind the values and qualities we find meaningful, they can become our motivation and guiding principles to make conscious choices that empower us to show up for life in the way we find most meaningful.

I invite you to call to mind some people that you admire and reflect on the qualities they embody that you find admirable. Is it their integrity, courage, authenticity, kindness, patience, or perseverance? Is it some other quality? Which ones do you find important to develop in your life? In essence, what is the person you want become? Make a list of these qualities and then pick one today to keep in mind throughout the day, making it a point to have it reflected in your choices.  John Bruna, April 14, 2016

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