A better world begins with a better self

“It is true that we are called to create a better world. But we are first of all called to a more immediate and exalted task: that of creating our own lives.” – Thomas Merton

We’ve all spent time in deep and meaningful discussions about difficulties in the world and possible solutions to them. We’ve also spent time on the same topics without much depth or reflection. Our discussions about problems in the world, our communities, schools, the price of gas, what’s fair and not fair, the cost of living, or raising children, can come up frequently and spontaneously. We may even have a few ideas about how our local government or market could be run more effectively.

With all this external focus, we often forget to have the deeper reflections and conversations about improving the depth and quality of our own lives. In general, most people wake up and engage in their days without taking a little time to reflect upon the meaning and purpose of their lives. Our days can be filled with activities, things to do, and wide ranging discussions. We may have duties to fulfill, obligations to be honored, or fun-filled adventures to be discovered. We often engage in our day without the conscious awareness of how our actions align with our inner desires to live truly meaningful lives.

As today’s quote points out, our most immediate and exalted task is to develop our own highest potentials and create purposeful lives. Since we can only bring what we have, as we develop our lives, we develop inner strength, resiliency, and integrity, and we have much more to offer our families, friends, and the world at large. As we say frequently, it is important to remember that as we improve, so does the world. So while it is of critical importance to have deep and meaningful conversations about the problems and solutions that confront our communities, it is even more important to engage in discussions, reflections, and actions that improve our lives. In that way, we will have much more to offer our communities.

I invite you to reflect upon a habit or attitude you would like to develop to improve your life. Set your intention to cultivate it, not just today, but from now on. Make it a morning ritual to reflect upon the rare and precious opportunity you have today and the qualities you want to develop to make your life truly meaningful. – John Bruna

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