Cultivating Equanimity with Hope and Fear in Challenging Times

John teaching at the Durango Dharma Center

Sunday, January 30th – Online 

It is common in our daily lives to experience a range of emotions arising from hope or fear about the uncertain future. In these more challenging times, in the midst of a pandemic and with environmental challenges at our doorstep, hope and fear can be more prominent in our lives and impact us in unhealthy ways, creating additional and unnecessary stress in our lives.

The cultivation of equanimity, often described as a mind of calm or composure, a balanced state of mind that does not get caught up in exaggerations or extremes, empowers us to be present and stable in both difficult and joyful situations. With equanimity, you are able to respond more quickly and skillfully to difficulties when they arise, seeing them as opportunities to grow. You are also able to more fully appreciate all the wonderful people and events that come your way.

Hope and fear can have a healthy and meaningful role to play in our lives and help us cultivate our inner resources if we balance them with equanimity and understanding of the two truths of ultimate and conventional reality.

This retreat with our spiritual director, John Bruna, will focus on the methods and teachings of cultivating equanimity and placing hope and fear in the context of the two truths to help you develop your inner resources and reduce unnecessary stress.

Though these teachings and methods are Buddhist in origin, John will present them in universal terms making them practical and effective to people of all faiths and spiritual traditions.

The retreat will be broken up into three fifty-minute sessions with a ten-minute break in-between and include a short meditation session. Due to the recent COVID outbreak, we are only offering this online using Zoom.

Date: Sunday, January 30, 2021, 9 am to noon, Mountain Time.

Cost: By donation. You may offer any amount.


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