Be a bright moon emerging from the clouds

“Someone who has acted carelessly, but later becomes careful and attentive, is as beautiful as the bright moon emerging from the clouds.” –  Nagarjuna

It is not easy to change old habits and tendencies that have become entrenched within us. It is not easy to let go of old ideas that, even though they no longer serve us, somehow feel comforting. It is not easy to maintain an open mind and remain teachable. However, if we are to emerge from the clouds of unhealthy habits and tendencies that limit our full potential, conscious effort and courage are required.

We all have habits and tendencies that limit us. We have all made mistakes and have regrets. We all know what it’s like to be embarrassed. We all know what it’s like to let others down. We have also all cultivated healthy habits and tendencies that nourish the qualities we value. We have achieved, have been successful in our endeavors, and have truly been there for others when they have needed us.

Our personal growth, wisdom, successes, and achievements grow out of the fertilizer of our mistakes, difficulties, and confusion. Without such fertilizer, it is difficult to ripen to our full potentials. Understanding this is important, for it helps us to be gentle with ourselves as we work to develop our inner qualities. It takes courage to acknowledge our weak spots and even more courage to work them.

It is much more beneficial to acknowledge our willingness and effort than it is to become self-critical, even when we continue to make mistakes. Usually, the greater the struggle, the greater the reward. The moon shines much brighter against the darkest clouds. It is extremely important to remember also, that just as this is true for us, it is true for others. Instead of being critical of them, maybe we can help them to shine a little brighter.

I invite you to be gentle and honest with yourself. Be your own supportive friend that helps you to recognize areas to improve while noting your healthy activities and attitudes. Remember to always remind yourself of your value and encourage yourself to do your best. – John Bruna

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The above is an excerpt from one of the daily inspirations sent to the members of the Mindful Life Community.

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