Four Keys of Living Mindfully Online Course with Rachel Currier and John Bruna

I am grateful to be able to offer this empowering and transformative course with my teacher, the co-founder of the Mindful Life Program, John Bruna.

During these times when we are all impacted by this pandemic, it more important than ever to take care of and strengthen our mental and emotional health.

This course will help support you develop more resiliency, provide you with training and skills to reduce stress, rumination and live a meaningful and fulfilling life—adding joy, focus, attention, a clear sense of values and wisdom to your life. 

The four key areas of mindfulness empower you to be attentive to your thoughts, feelings and the environment with clarity and discernment. These skills help you to make mindful choices and act in ways that are in alignment with your values—choices that are both healthy and beneficial to yourself and to those around you. When we live mindfully, we are able to cultivate more inner peace, resiliency, genuine well-being and, ultimately, live the life we find most meaningful. We can become the person we choose to be instead of a prisoner of our habits, tendencies, and unconscious conditioning.

This course is taught over four weeks and consists of”

  • Eight video class sessions with John Bruna
  • Live facilitation/teaching sessions with me via Zoom
  • The Four Keys Companion Journal
  • 28-days of guided meditation online intruction
  • Two-month membership in the Mindful Life Community™

Right now, in an effort to provide as much support as we can, I am able to offer this course for only $149. We can also arrange payments and potential scholarships.

Course Options:

About Rachel Currier

It is a true joy to be on this lifelong path of learning, growing, and cultivating genuine happiness and an open heart. It is a passion of mine and an honor to be able to share the skills of living mindfully with others and do whatever I can to help make the world a little better place. In 2012, I was incredibly fortunate to find my recovery from substance abuse. Since that time, I have been on a journey of learning how to live a meaningful life and be of service to others. A large part of that journey has been dedicating myself to a meditation and mindfulness practice. This has been a transformative process, enabling me to overcome old habits, patterns, and much mental and emotional suffering.  Ultimately, leading me to be more fully engaged in my life with more joy and inner peace. 

I completed my mindfulness teacher certification training with the Mindful Life Program in 2018. I am a certified Mindful Life Program™ and Mindfulness in Recovery® teacher.

I live in Syracuse, NY, where I facilitate Mindfulness in Recovery® meetings, teach yoga, and love to spend quality time with my family, hiking, cooking, gardening and reading.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, you can contact me directly – email rmc24231@gmail.com or call 315.440.7228.