John Bruna

presented by John Bruna, Author, Educator, Counselor, Mindfulness Teacher

Sandstone Care is bringing John Bruna, Author, Educator, Counselor and Mindfulness Teacher to our Denver location from Carbondale, CO for an all-day mindfulness training.

Here are the details:


8:30 am Registration

9:00am-4pm Presentation (Breakfast & snacks will be provided. There will be a 1-hour lunch & breaks throughout the day – plan to bring your lunch or eat out locally)


With all of the buzz about mindfulness, there are many claims that are unrealistic, as well as many applications that are highly effective for use in therapeutic settings, especially in the area of addiction treatment and impulse control.

The workshop will highlight some of the myths and confusion about mindfulness, clarifying the various definitions, and provide a practical overview of how mindfulness can effectively be integrated into the therapeutic setting.

Participant Outcomes:

  • Identify exaggerated claims and confusion regarding the efficacy of mindfulness in a therapeutic setting.
  • Knowledge of the diverse perspectives and definitions of mindfulness.
  • Understanding the role of meditation in the practice of mindfulness.
  • Clarify the difference between mindfulness meditation and the practice of mindfulness.
  • Practical and effective strategies to integrate mindfulness tools and practices into the therapeutic process.

About the Presenter:

John Bruna, author of The Wisdom of a Meaningful Life: The Essence of Mindfulness, is the co-founder of the Mindful Life Program˜ and founder of Mindfulness in Recovery®.  John is known for his warmth, humor, and ability to make teachings practical and accessible. He is a leading voice in the field of mindfulness, leading workshops and trainings throughout the USA.  You can read John’s complete biography and watch his TEDx talk on his website,


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