Character, Value, and Worthiness


“People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built.” Eleanor Roosevelt


Life is messy for everyone. This is just the nature of things. We all have troubles, challenges, and difficulties. While this truth is not a pleasant one, understanding it creates an opportunity for us to develop our highest potentials in challenging times instead of becoming a victim of them.


One of the primary reasons people suffer in this world is because they forget this simple truth and succumb to the delusion that, despite all evidence to the contrary, their lives should not be messy. Somehow they imagine their relationships should be wonderful and not challenging at times, their job should be stable and fulfilling, they shouldn’t get ill, and their parents, family members, and friends should not have problems. When these things do happen, they are often ill-prepared and feel as though they are victims of their current circumstances.


Life is filled with challenges as well as wonderful experiences. It has beauty and joy as well as hardship and loss. This is true for everyone and we are not unique in our difficulties. There’s a reason we have first responders, therapists, hospitals, and auto repair shops. People struggle, have accidents, get ill, and cars break down.


Most of the time our lives are pretty easy and we have so much in terms of resources and choices. We often forget that difficulties are a natural part of life and that everyone else also has challenges and struggles to deal with. 


Today’s quote reminds us that the challenges and struggles allow us to fully develop ourselves. Our character, value, and worthiness do not develop themselves through a life devoid of difficulties. Rarely does anyone spend a lot of time cultivating inner growth when everything is going their way. Take a moment to reflect on some of the challenging events in your life and recall if you responded courageously and honestly? If so, was this helpful? If not, what was the result?


Today, I invite you to respond to any challenges that arise in a way you’ll feel good about tomorrow. The events and activities will come and go, but the way we respond leaves a lasting imprint on us. – John Bruna


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